tedd-clayton-featured-imageTedd Clayton has been in broadcast television for over 31 years, serving as cameraman, director and producer. In 1979, while still in college, Tedd started his television career as a weekend part-time studio camera operator. Tedd advanced from camera operator to director of the an award winning 6pm newscast. Thru the years, Tedd went on to work for WXVT as Production Manager, WUPL as Operation Manager and then to own his own production company for over 10 years. In 2005, Tedd went under contract with The Disney Co. and became post-production manager for The Trinity Broadcasting Network in California.

In 2008, Tedd moved to Charlotte, NC to become the Executive Producer of Long Form Media for The Inspiration Networks. With his many years of experience producing award winning commercial, industrial, educational videos, he understands the importance of giving clients the most creative product possible, while staying within budget and finishing the project on time. Currently, Tedd is the co-founder and General Manager of Aviv Moon Productions, applying his 30+ years of knowledge & skill to what he does today.