Mobile Production Sprinter


Looking for a Mobile Production Van for your out of studio productions? You’ve come to the right place.

Mobile Production Sprinter - Featured ImageWe have built the Ultimate Outdoor Broadcast Mobile Production Sprinter (aka MPS). Our customizable extended Sprinter Van will cover any Production type or need. Our van includes 4 HD cameras, tactical quality cabling (this means we can take our cameras anywhere in your venue), 8 isolated channels of video recording. We can even provide wireless communications solutions so that those on the inside – are the same page with those on the outside.

Partner with Aviv Moon Productions for your Outdoor Broadcast needs and see what the MPS can do for you. Let us tell your story.


Mobile Production Sprinter Photos:

army-3 working-army-style with-sat-truck truck-rugby truck-passover truck-inside truck-audio truck-and-trailer-2 truck-3 rear-truck on-location truck-4 show-and-tell show-and-tell-3 show-and-tell-2