Editing Suites


Looking for a production company who takes post production serious? You’ve come to the right place.

editing-suites-featured-imageAviv Moon Productions offer a wide range of choices for post-production HD video editing. Clients will benefit from our aware-winning and skilled video editors capable of any creative or technical need.

Our high definition and 4K edit suites come fully loaded with the newest software available. Our experienced editors are well versed on high definition editing from music, graphics, animation, and stock footage to take your project to the next level. We are able to create your company a polished video, commercial, or promotion.

Our edit suites are spacious rooms equipped with a large producer’s desk and large 27” flat LCD to view your footage at the highest quality. The viewing area is filled with reclining chairs and a spacious room. Your edit suite experience will be unlike any other in Charlotte, NC.

Partner with Aviv Moon Productions for your next big project and see what the team can do for you. Let us tell your story.


Editing Suites Photos: